Ashley's Irish music album, Beyond the Green.


The Mist Covered Mountain / Paddy Fahey's No. 9


Willie Coleman's / Old Joe's / The Lilting Fisherman


Ash Plant / The Long Drop / John Stenson's


The Kilfenora


The Street Player / Sheehan's / Big Reel of Ballynacally


Hardiman's Fancy / Saddle the Pony / Health to the Ladies


Brennan's Fancy / The Ships are Sailing / Green Fields of America


Dusty Windowsills / Out on the Road


Liquid Sunshine / Scollay's / Moving Clouds


The Gold Ring


Gallagher's Frolics / Pipe on the Hob


Miss Monaghan / Teetotallers


Arthur Darley's / Muineira De Casu


My Darling Asleep / Lannigan's Ball / Going to the Well for Water


The Rakes of Clonmel / The Road to Errogie / MacArthur Road



© 2019 by Ashley Ashworth

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